Obetech scientists discovered that adenovirus-36 (Adv36), a common human cold virus, causes obesity. We have developed technology to test humans and animals for infection with Adv36. A positive test means that an individual has been exposed, and the infection may have contributed to weight gain or difficulty maintaining a healthy weight. Normal weight individuals who have a positive test are at risk for obesity.

We offer testing for:

  • Consumers: Screening to determine if you or your pet have been infected with Adv36
  • Health Professionals: Testing for Adv36 infection in blood or tissues in humans and animals
  • Scientists: Testing for Adv36 DNA, antibodies, or virus in humans, animals, and cell lines
  • Researchers: Molecular biology techniques services (technique support) including cloning, protein expression and purification, gene expression analysis, and tissue culturing
  • Companies: Testing drugs and other agents for potential antiviral activity; testing Adv36 status

Obetech Services

Obetech offers a wide variety of medical testing and services. Our main focus is on Adv36, a common cold virus that causes obesity and a variety of complications associated with obesity. We offer testing to determine infection with Adv36 in humans and animals and the supplies necessary for testing by health professionals, hospitals and scientific laboratories..


Dr. Atkinson

Personal Philosophy

“I have devoted my medical career to research, treatment, and teaching about the disease of obesity. I believe obesity is a complex disease of many causes, one of which is viral infection. I and the scientists at Obetech will do everything possible to learn the causes of obesity and how to treat, or even better, to prevent it.” – Richard Atkinson, MD